Lam Ha Bio Coffee

Lam Ha Bio Coffee

Lam Ha Bio Coffee is from Coffea arabica responsibly grown on virgin soils of the lush highlands of Da Lat Mountain and cultivated in Da Lat Town. This made the coffees produced healthy and free from chemicals. Cau Dat is known to produce the best quality of coffee. The types of coffee grown are Bourbon and Moka Arabica beans, while Canephora and Catimor of the Robusta species are from Lam Ha district of the Lam Dong Province.

The highlands’ elevation and climate proved the area as the best in Vietnam for producing Moka and Bourbon Arabica. These strains of beans are grown at 1500 metres above sea level and let to mature slowly in the cool air and fertile volcanic soil. This naturally suitable place allows for the beans to achieve a sophisticated flavour. Lam Ha Bio Coffee aims to bring the best coffee flavour from Bourbon and Moka Arabica using heirloom Cau Dat beans originally planted in Da Lat by the French during colonial time.

Lam Ha Bio Coffees are shade-grown, responsibly grown and sustainably farmed, and are safer to consume and of premium quality. Besides original coffee, Lam Ha Bio Coffee also makes a variety of flavoured coffee such as chocolate, Ginseng and Ganoderma. This niche market is growing rapidly as more coffee drinkers are looking for flavour in their cuppa and life.

The coffee varieties Lam Ha offers include arabica 30% and 70% robusta, arabica 100% from Da Lat mountain, arabica 80% and 20% chocolate, arabica mix pure Ginseng, arabica mix pure Ganoderma, and green coffee.

Robusta has a strong bitter taste while Arabica is rich, complex but less bitter. Arabica has a better flavour than Robusta, and it also contains less caffeine. However, there are those who prefer the rich, bitter taste of Robusta. As such Lam Ha Bio Coffee uses these two types of beans to create unique flavours to cater to customer taste and preference.

Heirloom Bourbon Arabica

Complex acidity, caramel-like sweetness, balance Bourbon cultivar of the Coffea Arabica tree was first planted by the French on the Bourbon Island around 1708. The French then introduced the heirloom bean to Vietnam in the 1900s. Bourbon is known to produce 20 to 30 percent more fruits than Typica varieties. Bourbon coffee seed offers complex acidity and great balance.

Moka Arabica
Chocolate-cocoa, rustic fruit notes, pleasant bittering quality Alternatively known as Mokha, Mocha or Moca, the beans was grown for over a hundred years in the mountains of Yemen, at the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. The Yemeni Moka coffee is the first commercially planted farms and the source of what would become Typica and Bourbon cultivars.

Yemeni coffee is among the oldest and most highly praised in the world for deep, earthy, complex and pungent flavour. Moka tastes are usually full-bodied with a rich, winey acidity. Rich chocolate tones and hints of fruit and wine are noticeable when the Mocha coffee beans are given a Dark Roast, which also intensifies the taste and aroma as well as the coffee’s body.

Lam Ha Bio Coffee Profile
Lam Ha Bio Coffee made from heirloom Cau Dat Bourbon Arabica beans produce exceptionally aromatic and delicious coffee, possessing a fullness of flavour. It has a medium honey-like sweetness. It started off with subtle spicy cedar, which leads to prominent dark-bitter chocolate tone. As the taste develops more, a caramel note spiced with sweet Vietnamese cinnamon becomes apparent. Finally, it completes the flavour profile with a note of sweet roasted nut followed by long, smooth sweet caramel note.

The acidity level of the Bourbon Arabica is much more balanced and recognizable—mild, piquant acidity, but sweet.

It provides a syrupy body with a mouthfeel comparable to a light-bodied liqueur, but light enough to not overpower other factors such as acidity and aroma. It is smooth and silky with no detectable rough edges similar to unrefined tannins. It also leaves a long, pronounced aftertaste with the finish tapers off smoothly.

It also leaves a long, pronounced aftertaste with the finish tapers off smoothly.

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