100% Bourbon Arabica Bean (CODE: 1621)


100% Bourbon Arabica Bean (CODE: 1621)
Type: Arabica (Bourbon 100%)
Grain size: 16-18
Packaging: 200G Aluminium bag
Place of origin: Lam Ha, Lam Dong, Vietnam
Coffee is grown at an altitude of 1000-1100 m.
Taste: pure scent, unique scent, extremely low caffeine, softer, smoother and sweeter.

Unlike other coffee gardens, Dong Son coffee garden develops in the direction of an ecological garden, planted in the garden with all kinds of trees to ensure ecological balance, fresh air, sunny, windy, moderate rainfall. In the afternoon, the aroma of plants creates a unique flavour of Dong Son coffee. The coffee flavour is richly transformed when roasted or lightly roasted. The coffee will have a pure and sweet aroma of flowers, ripe fruit and the sour taste is quickly dissolved, the sweet orange flavour returns after drinking. When roasted, the aroma of coffee is sweeter, the taste is less sour, the sweet orange flavour has a lasting residue.
Roasted beans with different time combinations always give distinct variations in flavour. For us roasting was not a job, indeed a very enjoyable event, so I never get bored.
The air, earth, water, sun and wind … everything has its natural beauty. Combined with natural beauty, coffee roasting in the air full of art and emotions, coffee brings and gives you a unique fragrance, captures many emotions and changes taste.
Dong Son’s mission:
• Absolutely comply with the rule of providing customers with the freshest coffee beans.
• Using a small coffee roaster ensures coffee is always fresh and fresh in the hands of consumers, combined with roasting time to create unique flavours of each coffee.
• Pre-roasted coffees are carefully selected by hand.
We are pleased to send to all coffee lovers and connoisseurs the original and finest Arabica coffee beans, grown in the land of Lam Ha-Lam Dong Vietnam. Dong Son Arabica Coffee is grown at an altitude of over 1100 m above sea level. The place is cloudy and foggy all year round, with four cool seasons and fresh air. This means we can offer you the highest quality coffees without sacrificing environmental quality.