Traditional Vietnamese Green Tea (Code : DS10)

Traditional Vietnamese Green Tea 50G (Code : DS10)
A splendid green tea with a slightly creamy texture and grass taste with hints of corn.
Vietnamese green tea is a very traditional Vietnamese style green tea with a distinctive fresh-cut grassy, but surprisingly sweet, flavour – unfolding with a hint of seaweed in later infusions

Tasting Notes:
– Creamy texture
– Grass taste with hints of corn

Season: Spring Tea or Autumn tea
Origin: Tan Cuong Village, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam

Tea Varietal: Ta (Native Vietnamese varietal cultivated over years to produce traditional Vietnamese green tea)

Brewing Advice:
– Heat water to roughly 80°C/186°F
– Use 1-2 teaspoons per cup/small teapot
– Brew for 15-30 seconds

Packaging: 50G Non-resealable vacuum-sealed bag