Cold Brew Oolong Tea

Although hot water is used to brew Oolong but the tea can be enjoyed cold too. Cold brewed Oolong is a wonderful alternative to the hot one in summers. Besides, cold brewing has its advantage – you get a caffeine free drink. Cold brewed tea produces light tea that is much less bitter and astringent compared to the tea made from hot brewing. Lesser tannic compounds are drawn out which is perfect to be had as sweet-iced tea.

Cold brewing saves time if you are running a busy schedule. You can make a whole lot of tea and keep it in the refrigerator. It can last you for a couple of days without you having to brew it every time. On the darker side cold brewing does not make much of vitamins and important compounds present in the Oolong tea.

Requirements for Cold Brewing
Brewing Oolong tea is easy and all that is required to make good cold brewed tea is a glass jar with lid, loose tea leaf and cold water. Although any container would work well, glass and porcelain are recommended for good taste. Such containers retain the actual taste of the tea and avoid adding any other taste to it. Light oxidized Oolong tea will give the best taste.

Remember that hot brewing not only extracts the good compounds but also removes and impurities present in the tea leaves. Since cold brewing doesn’t require hot water it should be rinsed out with cold water.

Process of Cold Brewing
For a litre of water about 8 grams or one heaped tablespoon of tea leaves should be taken. In a container add the above two ingredients and let it steep inside the refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours. If the tea tastes too strong then some plain water can be added to bring down the strong taste. If the Oolong tea is too light then increase the quantity of tea leaves next time.

The exact measurement comes with experience. It also depends on the quality of tea leaves, the container used and the taste of the individual.

Cold brewed Oolong tea can easily be stored for 5 days in the refrigerator. However, if you see that the tea is getting sticky or has become cloudy it should be discarded. Sticky texture and cloudiness are an indication of bacteria formation in the brewed cold tea. Any cold brewed Oolong tea that is not refrigerated should be used or finished within 2 hours.

Taste of many teas will improve and they taste better when brewed cold. Cold brewing also retains more of catechins that Oolong has. Catechins are good for health and also retain the natural sweetness of the tea.

Here are Some Benefits of Oolong Tea
The good properties of Oolong aren’t hidden from the world. The most important one being anti-cancer properties. The polyphenolic compound present in the Oolong tea is chemo-preventive and stops the development of any cancerous forms. The tea is also beneficial in improving mental performance and keeps you alert throughout the day.

Oolong tea is great beverage but there is a word of caution that comes along with it. Oolong is high in caffeine. Even though caffeine is used for treating several people excessive intake of caffeine could lead to diarrhoea, headache, heartburn, sleeplessness and anxiety.

This doesn’t suggest that you stop drinking Oolong tea. It is both tasty and soothing. Oolong tea happens to be one of the best health drinks with oodles of goodness for your body. You should monitor your body keep an eye on any changes that happen.