Dat Viet Oolong Tea

Dat Viet Oolong Tea

Harvest Time: Spring
Jade colored buds and leaves, with a small rolled balls.
Tea Liquid : slight yellowish green color.
Flavor: high and strong floral aroma; tastes sweet and smooth, refreshing and fragrant; has obvious sweet aftertaste and long-lasting flavor.
Tea Leaf: in one bud with three leaves form, thick and soft
Infusing: can be infused for over 6 steeps .

The fresh tea leaf of Dong Son Tea is thick and fleshy, has bright green color – these are the features of high mountain tea. After brewed, the tea liquid is clean, bright and light, with obvious floral fragrance and longlasting aroma. It can also be infused for many times. Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee). When your taste buds want a really refreshing tea, green oolong tea is a perfect choice, and is widely drunk in Vietnam during and after meals with strongly flavoured foods. With a very consistent size and shape, Dong Son’s green oolong tea is a grade 1 that has been picked early in Spring, before the rainy season sets in, to ensure it has the best taste and a smooth, sweet aftertaste this tea is famed for. They are quite convenient for packaging and transporting. This high quality tea does not contain tea dusts, provide excellent taste and flavors. After the dried tea is being seeped in water, you can expect to see the tea buds unrolled and expanded whole in the water back to the original shape of the tea leaf.

Brief Health Info
Green oolong tea, not merely its nice fragrance, is particularly good for your health; especially in today’s modern life, people have to do intellectual labour with pressure in jobs, continuously work with computers , be endangered by the electromagnetic waves. Oolong tea helps to reduce tiredness , resist the heat, antidotal, make spirit cheery. The tea with high content of polyphenol has the effects as follows :
– Dissociate the fat
– Control nourishment of fat
– Slow down aging-process
– Resist refraction

How to make Jin Xuan Green tea
This tea should brewed in water around 95 ºC for less than 1’30 seconds. A longer time will give the tea a bitter taste. It can be infused 5 or 6 times.

Jin Xuan is a special variety of Camellia Sinesis (tea plant) developed from a research institute at the Taiwan Tea Agricultural Research Center. This tea plant is known for producing oolong with a unique spring floral fragrance and a pure milk undertone, which makes it exceptionally unique. we take a quality High Mountain Oolong cultivar, which undergo complex preparation of withering, bruising, roasting, rolling and baking to create the complex aroma, flavor and color. Depending on the duration of oxidation, season and style of roasting the color range from bright green to dark amber. To be subtle and refreshing with an incredibly soft profile, Green oolong tea is often fermented lightly.

Where is our Green oolong tea produced
In our garden located in Phuc Tho Village, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam, we use ecological methods (corn, cane sugar, dried grass) to grow our plants and to build a safe ecosystem in order to get the purest and healthiest teas and coffees.

Every year, we submit our products to the tests of SGS inspection company in order to verify the quality, safety and compliance of our products.