About Us

KopiCha seeks to inspire a better everyday life with great tasting, healthy high-quality coffees and teas. We strive to grow our business with the same ethics, honesty and integrity we use to sourcing for our products and dealing with our business partners—with sustainability and great services for all.

We supply wholesale coffee and tea products to companies that believe in monetizing the best. As such, great effort and care are put into our sourcing process for the best coffees and teas each country in the Southeast Asia can offer.

Making KopiCha your passage to prosper with great coffees and teas. KopiCha Trading started with a venerable goal in mind—to help our business partners grow through our supply of quality, sustainably grown coffees and teas, mainly from Vietnam as well as other countries in Southeast Asia.

The Story of KopiCha

Tea or coffee has become one of the most important mornings must-have drinks. Starting your day with a great coffee makes a huge difference. Making a delicious cup of tea or coffee is simple. It should be relaxing, easy and enjoyable.
However, it can be frustrating when it turns out insipid or weak. We want to make delicious coffee and tea of this region available to everyone who appreciates a good cuppa.

Behind KopiCha is a team of passionate people who loves refreshing and delicious coffees and teas. As coffee or tea lovers and having access to great coffees like Vietnamese coffee, we want to share these drinks with others. What began from personal consumption soon became a mission for us to bring the best our region can offer to others. Despite being a new member of the party, we relentlessly take up the task to equip ourselves with the right knowledge and skills. We are earnest in what we do and aspire to create strong partnerships through excellent services and sustainable relationship management.

Health Benefits & Sustainable Agriculture
In today’s impending environmental situation, sustainable agriculture is important to everyone. As a wholesale supplier, we believe our efforts will bring a certain significance to the situation. Therefore, we put in great efforts to source for products right down to the roots (pun intended). We visit the farm and talk to the makers to understand their processes. Moreover, we did not stop there; we also ensure the beverages we carry offers benefits to our health as well.

Making KopiCha Your Passage to Flourishing Business
Ethics and exceptional services are the backbones of our company. KopiCha Trading aims to be the leading suppliers of country-unique beverages of Southeast Asia so we can all enjoy the greatness our neighbours can offer. We do all the groundwork for you so you can have peace of mind to have access to delicious, healthy, eco-friendly products.