Health Benefits of Malaysian Tea

Health Benefits of Malaysian Tea
The Cameron Highlands tea from Malaysia is famous for producing wonderful black tea which happens to have a strong and aromatic fragrance. But the lesser known fact about black tea is that it is a wonderful beverage that has several health benefits. It should be noted that Green tea is famous for its health and weight losing characteristics and it comes from the shrub Camellia sinensis. Well black tea also happens to be from the same shrub except that the process of fermentation for both the teas are different. There are many studies which clearly show that having a cup or two of black tea in a day could be beneficial for you. The tea should be consumed without milk or sugar. Here are some benefits:

Healthy Skeleton System
The phytochemicals present in the tea help in keeping the bones strong. All black tea drinkers have lower likelihood of getting arthritis. Drinking a couple of cups of black tea will give you healthy bones.

Digestive Tract Become Healthy
The tannins present in the tea have a healing effect on gastric and intestinal diseases. The digestive activity happening within is also decreased.

Stress Buster
The amino L-theanine present in black tea helps you to relax and improves your concentration. It reduces anxiety and helps you to calm down after a long stressful day. If black tea is consumed in reasonable amounts the stress level of the hormone cortisol is reduced considerably.

Prevents Cancer
Although there is more research required to prove this but there have been many studies based on this which prove that black tea has catechins and polyphenols which are antioxidants that help in prevention of specific cancers such as ovarian cancer and cancers related to them.

Stronger Immune System
Black tea consists of alkylamine antigens that aid in boosting the response of our immune system. The tannins which help the digestive system also help the immune system. These tannins are capable of fighting different viruses which are found in our daily lives.

Healthy Heart
In one of the researches conducted in 2009 it was found that people who consumed 3 or more cups of tea had 21% lesser chances of getting a stroke compared to those who drank one cup of black or -green tea. This was a research identified by Arab L. et al.
Risk of Diabetes is Lowered

In a research that was conducted on elderly people living in the Mediterranean islands it was found that those who were consuming black tea for the past several years on a moderate basis of about 2 cups a day had 70% lesser chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Oral Health
According to one of the studies sponsored by the tea Trade Health Research Association it was seen that black tea helped in lowering the formation of plaque. It also restricted the growth of bacteria which led to cavity formation and tooth decaying. The polyphenols present in black tea kill and outstrip the bacteria which cause cavity. They also stop bacterial enzymes from growing that form the gooey material which fixes the plaque to our teeth.

More Energy
Compared to other beverages tea has a very less amount of caffeine which helps in enhancing the blood flow to the brain while not over-exciting the heart. The respiratory system, kidney, heart and metabolism of our body is also stimulated, thus making our body more energetic.

Besides being just a beverage that we drink for taste black tea is also a very good health drink.