Don Son’s Farm

  • The farm is developed by an ecological environment and balance

It is 20 kilometers away from Đà Lạt city (Lâm Đồng province), on the top of mountain covered with white frost, now appear a new green, mixed with the fragrance of newly cultivated basaltic land, an immense area with the spirit like the dawn of humanity… Here is Dong Son’s farm that we’d like to introduce you.

We pay much respect it – according to its good points as a farm of ecological conditions for cultivation. We do not pay attention to the growth of only one farm produce but all kinds of plants. We do not use the industrialized mode to produce tea & coffee. That means the farm expands in way of a farm in which many kinds of plants are grown in order to equilibrate the ecological environment. Our company also pay high attention in protecting the source of underground water, cultivation in trapezium style, design the system to escape water Besides, We grow many deep root plants, trees for shadow– to set up a fresh blue of the nature – in order to minimize the damage of the heat of the sun in dry season No one can shake wild animals lurking in the farm thanks to ours protection, too. .


This farm is cultivated in the western plateau, at the end of Trường Sơn Mountains too, close to the primitive forest. It belongs to a low developed area of land therefore little polluted. The soil layer is thick, suitable for the growth of all kinds of plants. The farm is in between 1,000>to 1,100 meters height compared with the sea level, covered with clouds and mist all the year round, nice and cool weather in four seasons, with wonderful fresh air. The Process of Farming and Manufacturing tea & coffee at Dong Son

The tea & coffee farm is developed by an ecological environment and balance:

Respecting and preserving earth and its natural resources is Dong Son’s priority. We do not select to grow only certain types of plants in the farm but rather create a symbiosis of various plant and animal species that can live harmoniously with one another Therefore, our tea & coffee are produced in the most ideal and natural environment without any short cuts or manipulations of industrial methods.

Growing various plants helps regulate the atmosphere in the farm:

It is important at Dong Son farm to protect the underground water in the garden, cultivate around a trapezium shape, and create an exquisite system to release excess water. Large and tall trees are grown in the garden to provide natural shades and protection against extreme sun damages to our tea & coffee crops.

Dried grass, corn and sugar cane plants are used to fertilize and keep the grounds warm against extreme cold weather:

If you have a love for nature, an experience in farming, agriculture, you will simply appreciate the simple yet scarce methods we apply at Dong son’s farm. Our workers use their bare hands to remove overgrown grass instead of utilizing machinery to preserve the tranquility of the farm.

At the end of the harvest season, these workers collect dried grass, corns, and other leaves to cover up the foot of tea crops to protect them from extreme cold. As mentioned above, these also serve as natural fertilizers. The tea & coffee farm is grown in sections, each surrounded by large and tall trees that are planted purposely to draw away insects that may damage the tea & coffee plants. These shady trees also serve another unique and important role. Each year in the winter months, their leaves are being eaten by a certain type of insects that later die and become fertilizers for the ground and the tea & coffee crops.

Weed killers (chemical herbicides) are not used at the Dong Son.

Weeds and overgrown grass are removed by our workers’ hands. Controllable amount of grass are methodically grown between rows of tea crops to enhance the natural aromas of the tea. This truly sets apart Dong Son tea products from others.

Moreover, it is extremely important to the owners of Dong Son to protect wild animals living in the farm and their natural habitats. Along with our unique methods of growing and caring for our farm and tea & coffee crops, we also pick our tea leaves and coffee fruits by hand and hand craft our final tea products to our consumers. These efforts to provide clean, natural and healthy beverages are reflected in the quality of our products. Dong Son’s criterion is to produce delicious, healthy teas made in a sanitary and natural environment.