Oolong Tea Gift (200g)

Packaging: Two 100g tea cans are put in a beautiful box with a strap as shown in the illustration

Can size: 8.5 (diameter) x 17 (height) cm

Net weight: 200g, including 1 pack of Oolong Dat Viet and 1 pack of Oolong Huong Viet in vacuum packed 100g

Weight of cans and tea: 380g ± 5g

100g paper tea cans are made from high quality paper, offset printing in four colors with the picture of tea farmers picking tea on the can. With the purpose to create intimacy, showing the cultural beauty of Vietnamese people, giving the luxurious feel, impressive and highly aesthetic. It is also very appropriate and meaningful using Oolong tea paper cans as a gift to customers, friends, relatives, or partners during any season especialy in festive season. With this, help to contribute in maintaining the tea culture of Vietnamese people that have existed for many generations.

Dong Son Oolong Tea looks forward to being added to your gift list, and together creating a difference from conventional products by its quality and signature.