Effective Tea Packaging

Effective Tea Packaging: Retaining the Fine Taste & Aroma
As important are the proper methods of tea plantation and its processing, the tea packaging is another important aspect of determining the fine quality standards of any tea brand. We, at Dong Son, aim at living up to the finest standards by offering top-notch secure packaging of the tea distributed on our end. The exceptional packaging standards and the overall design concepts are another forms of the efficiency of any tea brand. We aim to maintain the same by offering high-design and supreme quality of the tea packaging.

We realize the importance of the freshness and shelf life of tea. Therefore, we aim to achieve the same by our specialized packaging materials used for tea packing. Moreover, we also aim to minimize the OTR (oxygen transmission rate) from the packaging of tea with the help of the appropriate packaging materials. This retains the freshness and the intense aroma of the tea leaves in the packaging. Our company has adopted the topmost standards of the packaging industry. It achieves the same by importing the related packaging materials in order to compete with the international packaging standards of the tea leaves.

Our reputable brand is recognized by the distinctive packaging that is carried out through a series of detailed steps as:

  • Preparation of the Vacuum Bags: The first step towards effective packaging of the high-quality tea leaves is the preparation of the vacuum bags or the aluminum bags. The vacuum bags and the aluminum containers prevent the inflow of any atmospheric air into the packaging. This ensures the freshness of the tea leaves even when consumed after a considerable amount of time. The vacuum containers are sans any supply of air that could provide moisture to the tea leaves. In presence of moisture, the leaves would dampen and would tend to lose their crispness as well as freshness.

Therefore, we ensure the top-notch aroma and intense taste of the supreme quality tea leaves by packing them in vacuum and aluminum packaging covers.

  • Placement of the Tea Bags into Rectangular-Shaped Boxes: Once the rectangular-shaped tea bags are prepared, the tea bags are then placed into rectangular boxes for greater safety. This provides security to the delicate tea leaves during transit. It also offers ease of storing the tea bags into rectangular boxes that ensure great stability and balance. Therefore, ultimate protection to the fragile tea leaves inside the packaging is ensured.
  • Insertion of Anti-oxidation Bags Into Tea Packets: The presence of the anti-oxidations bags into the tea packaging would ensure that the tea leaves do not come into contact with the atmospheric oxygen. If this happens, they would lose their crispness and would get spoiled easily. Therefore, we, at Dong Son, offer the anti-oxidation packaging to ensure the greater durability of the tea leaves. The presence of anti-oxidation bags into the tea packaging prevents the breakdown of the tea leaves due to oxidation.
  • Scooping of Tea into Respective Tea Bags: Once the proper vacuum and aluminum tea containers are prepared, the tea leaves are then scooped into tea bags. The material of the tea bags is ensured to match the international quality standards of tea packaging. The tea bags also ensure the safety of the tea leaves by keeping them secure in one place. This retains the crispness of the tea leaves even when opened after a considerable period of time. The tea bags are engineered in a manner to store the tea leaves with much ease and convenience. At the same time, it also offers great convenience to the users in storing the tea at their respective homes.
  • Weighing of the Tea Bags: Once the tea leaves are scooped into appropriate tea bags, the bags are then weighed to be packed into different packaging. The weighing is done through a special weighing machine that can weigh down the light tea leaves in an accurate manner. The tea packing is then done in different boxes and packets as per the varying weight standards. This ensures the packaging in different packets of varying weights to be used for every family’s requirements.
  • Making of Tea Bags into Rectangular Shapes: The tea bags are now prepared into rectangular shapes for proper packaging. The rectangular shapes of the tea bags ensure the safety of the tea leaves that are prevented from any form of damage. The rectangular shapes of the tea packing also permit ease of movement and delivery from the manufacturing units to the end consumers.
  • Placement of the Tea Bags in Vacuum Machine: Once the entire packaging is done, the rectangular tea boxes are then kept inside the vacuum machine. This expels all possible forms of hidden oxygen inside the tea bags such that they are ready for the transit. Absence of atmospheric oxygen into the tea boxes ensures that the tea leaves are fresh and aromatic for a longer period of time.
  • Final Packing: Once the tea boxes are brought out of the vacuum machine, they are finally stored in a big cotton box. The large cotton box containing the tea boxes are secured tightly with the help of tapes and proper packaging material. Now, the tea bags are ready to be shipped to the desired locations.

The tea bags are sorted into different packing on the basis of their weight and size. The consumers in the market have different demands of the tea bags as per their household needs. To satiate the same, we prepare different sizes and weights of the tea packaging. For instance, we prepare 18 kg tea bags along with smaller tea bags of 100gm, 250 gm and 1 kg packets. This satisfies the varied household needs as per the consumption of tea.

The proper packing of the tea leaves in the vacuumed tea bags plays a vital role in ensuring top-notch tea packaging. We, at Dong Son, ensure the supreme quality of tea packaging by meeting the national as well as the international standards of the same. The top-quality tea packaging done by out expert team ensures that the quality of the tea is retained along with its taste and flavor that could last for a longer period of time. The tea packaging is also done in various shapes and sizes and is provided at affordable rates to the consumers.

The tea packaging without tea bags and vacuumed containers is considered to be incomplete and does not ensure the proper safety of the tea leaves. With our highest standard of packaging, you can be ensured of the finest taste and intense aroma of the tea leaves once you open the packet. We endeavor to ensure that our product, as well as packing quality, is on par with the best in the industry. We also ensure the quality product and the timely delivery of the finely-packed products to the consumers. Due to our efficiency of operation, we have garnered the respect to be the leading brand in the tea quality and packaging industry.

You can also be awestruck by the beauty and intricacy of the envelope tea bags offered by us. We, at Dong Son, are aimed at setting a trend in the tea industry to impart a classy experience to the tea lovers.